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Double You

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Lyrics to Who's fooling who
Who's fooling who, who's fooling who
Who's fooling who, who's fooling who...

You thought when you had left me
That you'd really tear me apart
But what you didn't understand
Is that you really didn't own my heart

You went out and did everything
Made me stay at home
But all the time while you were out there girl
I wasn't always at home alone

Tell me who
Who's fooling who
Are you fooling me
Or I am fooling you
Who's fooling who
Wh'os fooling who
Were you fooling me
Or was I fooling you

You see while you thought
You were seeking away from me
There was always someone else
That I was waiting to see
But that's really not important now
It's all over said and done
And now that the truth is out little girl
You weren't the only one having fun

You see I got the last laugh
You'va laughed all that you could
But what you didn't know little girl
Is that I always had the winning hand

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