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Where To? lyrics

Aeroplane Pageant

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Lyrics to Where To?
Should I be sad I'm not sad?
Can I be lonely I don't know me?
Cars drone by, is this wandering?
The weather spits and then it shines
You've got no opinion, stay safe on your horizon
Where to, where's everyone going so quiet now
I thought, as I left this house

Maybe it's that lady screaming down street
She's been looking for herself all week
When a cop shows up holding a beautiful birthday cake
Sings his song so perfectly then apologizes for the way he speaks
Oh, that's not right, that can't be right, that isn't right?
I thought, and I thought and I thought

Maybe it's the air, the light, the sun and quiet, you should finally try it
Where two old friends finish dinner and then pretend to kiss
When she admits, "I think I'm good, I think," puts two cigarettes to her lip
He says, "I'm okay but I can't stay unless we confess everything else."
It's nearly sunny could be any big day of beauty, I thought
I thought, and thought as I left this house, I'm leaving now

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