When I Was Seventeen Lyrics

When I Was Seventeen lyrics

Frank Sinatra

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Lyrics to When I Was Seventeen When I was seventeenIt Was very good very year,It was a good year foor small-town girlsAnd soft summernightsWe´d hide from lightsOn the village greenWhen I was seventeenWhen I was twenty-oneIt was a very good yearIt was a very good yearFor city girlsWho lived up the stairsWith all the perfumed hairsAnd it came undoneWhen I was twenty-oneWhen I was thirty-fiveIt was a very good yearIt was a very good yearFor blue-blood girlsOf independent meansWe ride in limousinesTheir chauffeurs would driveWhen I was thirty-fiveBut now the days are sureI´m in the autumn of the yearAnd now I think of my liveAs finished wine from fine old grapesFrom the brim to the drapesWith heart sweet and clearIt was a very good year

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