When God Gave Me You Lyrics

When God Gave Me You lyrics

Bishop T.D. Jakes

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Lyrics to When God Gave Me You
My life was empty and dark as the night
A blind man seeking,couldnt find the light..stumbling around feeling black and so blue. cried out not knowing he'd answered with you. He gave me a package so tender inside yeah rapped in a ribbon laid down by my side..like adam and eve im ready to cling to u i want you.

When god gave me you
he didnt leave,leave any room
for me to recieve, he gave me everything i need wen god gave me you.

Laid down in darkness before i found you. I met alot of ladies but dey wouldnt do no i needed a wife for the rest of my life where i go to bed and i'll wake up still holding you creeping is over all my nights turned to days..all my clouds are vanished they all went away oh come over here girl i got something to say to no one else will do

when god gave me(he didnt leave)(any room)
leave any room for me to recieve he gave me (everything)everything(i need) i need when god gave me you

all the time that i shared together wit you nothing else can compare no for the rest of my life im in love im in love

when god gave me you(he didnt leave no room)
leave any room(no room to recieve)he gave me everything i need(he satisfied every single pain he filled the void oohhh ahh oooh when god gave me you yeah(he gave me you thank you lord yeaaahhhh ohhh.

(Thanks to Lexis for these lyrics)

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