Whats The Point? Lyrics

Whats The Point? lyrics

The Oblivious

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Lyrics to Whats The Point?
Whats the point, the point of going on?
No one can help you,
they say you've got to be strong.
but whats the point, the point in even trying?
When your whole life and soul,
is slowly dying... dying...

The world is just a game,
dont take it too seriously,
or it will drive you insane!
Your life is just a joke,
dont act like your something,
when your nothing, your nothing!

Look at you,
your so full of shame, full of shame!
no one can be around you anymore,
you just drive them insane
i dont know why your still trying
when your whole life and soul
is slowly dying...


Dont bother to try
its not worth the time
Dont even cry
and you know why!
and you know why!


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