We Traveled So Far Lyrics

We Traveled So Far lyrics

Mary Chapin Carpenter

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Lyrics to We Traveled So Far
I found myself wondering today
Why do some go and some stay
Do each of our hearts know their way
Through valleys of sorrow and tears
Across oceans of longing and years
And the sound of it all in my ears

I traveled
I traveled so far
I traveled so far to be here

And you with the blue in your eyes
The storms of life leave a few lines
And squinting you search for the signs
Of kindness, of love, of someone
To walk with in rain or in sun
Until then, life's hardly begun

You traveled
You traveled so far
You traveled so far to be here

It's worth it all learning at last
The future begins with the past
Step out of the shadow it casts
And let the sun shine on your shoes
Kick 'em off in the rain if you choose
There's nothing like nothing to lose
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We traveled
We traveled so far
We traveled
We traveled
We traveled so far
We traveled so far to be here

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