Waking Up Lyrics

Waking Up lyrics

Funeral For A Friend

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Lyrics to Waking Up Is a lie just the truth
Uncovered and relinquished
A passion for all young fools
Is a lie just the truth
A question left unanswered
To feed the failure of our choices

And in my hands our blood recovered
And for our faith we're undeserved
And in my hands our blood recovered
And in your faith completely

Do we wait all this time
And follow blindly hating
Killing all that we survey
Do we hate all this time
And let our anger lead us
Lead us to our bitter end

Your wasting our time (turn the lights out when you leave)
When everything's said and done
We're dead and buried

And will this never end
I'm tired of all this walking
And if this never ends
I'll walk until my feet are bleeding
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