Unglamorous Lyrics

Unglamorous lyrics

Lori McKenna

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Lyrics to Unglamorous
Understated, overrated site - carnival ride
Curtains faded, thread bill rugs real nice -the baby stayed up all night

How wonderful rhinestones on black satin shoes
How beautiful the one's I never get to use
No frills, no fuss, perfectly us - unglamorous

Frozen dinner, jelly glass of wine - tastes just fine
Two bread winners, five kids in short time -with eyes just like mine

How wonderful crowded dinners at the kitchen table
How beautiful one TV set - no cable
No frills, no fuss, perfectly us - unglamorous

No diamonds in our bathtub reams
Peanut butter on everything
No frills, no fuss - unglamorous

How wonderful a gravel road leading to a front door
How beautiful old wool socks on a bedroom floor
No frills, no fuss, perfectly us -unglamorous

Songwriters: ROSE, LIZ / MCKENNA, LORI
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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