Two Person Party Lyrics

Two Person Party lyrics

Three Plus

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Lyrics to Two Person Party
There's a reggae party here tonight
Braddahs on the left, sistahs on the right
The bass is bumpin, the rhythm is right
So you don't have to go home lonely tonight
Is everybody ready to dance
Grab a partner and get on the floor and skank
This may be your last chance

It's a two person party tonight
Take off your clothes and turn off the lights
Don't worry girl, I'll have you home on time
It's a two person party tonight


Oh girl tell me what I'm seeing
You and me together, that's the feeling
Lets start now we don't have much time
Makin sweet love until the morning light
You're the only woman that I see
Would you like to come and dance with me
I think God made you for me

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 2

Repeat Chorus 2x

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