My Way (A Mi Manera) Translation

My Way (A Mi Manera) Il Divo translation

Lyrics to My Way (A Mi Manera)
The end is near, I will face it peacefully
you see, I have been here this way
I will tell you sincerely, I've lived intensely
and I never across the border
I played without resting my way

I never lived a love that was important to me
I just took the flower and the best of each moment
I travelled and enjoyed, I don't know if more than any other
but anyway, everything was in my way

I've cried, I've laughed, I've won, I've lost
now I know I was happy because
if I cried I also loved and I did all that
I can say it, I did it my way

probably I was doubtful about my amusement sometimes
probably I looked down on what I did not understand
today I know I was resolute and I faced everything as it was
and so I was able to do it my way

because you'll find out that in the end
you can know a man for the way he lives
there's not need to speak, to talk
to remember, to pretend
I can get to the end, in my way!
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