Tiny European Cars Lyrics

Tiny European Cars lyrics

Clem Snide

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Lyrics to Tiny European Cars
Tiny European cars
Are dropping from the sky
They're wonderfully efficient
Engines fueled by Spanish wine

Maybe just a sip
To help us get a grip
Did you know Isaac Newton
Was a virgin when he died

A hundred thousand naked woman
Running on the beach
In such a state of wild abandon
They ignore my speech

About the evert flow
A dangerous undertow
And how there is a hole so deep
It swallows up the sun

Oh, the smoke seems sweet to me
Must be a perfume factory
Just one of many ancient travesties
We're all descendants of the pharisees

Tiny European cars
Are bouncing off my shins
If you've never seen a bull fight
Guess who always wins

To grab it by the horns
Its life like censored porn
Did you know they sing
Ring-Around the Rosie when you die

Songwriters: Barzelay, Eef
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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