Lyrics to Through It All
Through It All Video:
Through it all, I’ve been a blind man
Fumbling through the dark
And through it all, I’ve been a runaway
A soul with a broken heart

Through it all, You were the only one
That believed in who I am
Through it all, You never left me
And I’ll never understand …

How You love me through
The highs the lows, the fights, the blows, the hurt, the pain and every tear that falls like rain
My heart still beats, in fire and heat, the rise and fall
Somehow You love me through it all

Through it all, You've pulled me closer
Even when I pushed You away
And through it all, You've been my shelter
When I couldn't tell night from day
Through it all, You find a way to love
Even when I’ve given up on You
Through it all, You never leave me
And I'll never understand …

No deep, no wide, no hurt, no fight
No life, no death, no tears, no pain
Could separate me from
Your love ...
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