Three Little Monkeys Lyrics

Three Little Monkeys lyrics

The Uninvited

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Lyrics to Three Little Monkeys George Orwell spoke before
Of a time called 1984
We cried and vowed that it would never be
Now big brother rules our land
He guides our lives with silent hand
We sit back and pretend that we don't see

Fahrenheit 451, my troglodyte, it has begun
Come out and see the light of a brand new day
I hear the whine of a moral minority
Tryin' to design a life compulsory
Life is not some fuckin' Christmas day

Your religion, my crucifixion

Burn all the books you're wasting your time
The flames can't reach inside of my mind

They can't stop the walls from coming down
They can't stop the walls from coming down
They can't stop the walls from coming down
Look out below you better start runnin'
They can't stop the walls from comin' down

Three little monkeys standin all in a row
With blindfolds on from head to toe
A tourniquet drawn tight to pacify
And they keep building it brick by brick
But those ill wrought walls will never stick
Your censorship ain't never gonna fly

Revolution, mass confusion
Revolution, my solution

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