This Love Lyrics

This Love lyrics

Angus And Julia Stone

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Lyrics to This Love
I can feel your heart beat,
When I'm all alone.
I can feel your heart beat like it's my own.

I can hear your music from a million miles away,
The angels got right when they made you they way they made you.
Sometimes I wonder if you're made from bones and skin
Or are you something for me to begin again, again.

This love, this love
This love, this love.

I will build you a mountain,
So you can see.
All the away across the universe
To me.

I will build you shelter for when the days are cold.
I will be your shelter for when were old and kind

This love, this love,
This love, this love,
This love, this love,
This love, this love.

Songwriters: STONE, JULIA
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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