The Way She Moves Lyrics

The Way She Moves lyrics

Forever The Sickest Kids

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Lyrics to The Way She Moves It's getting late, your eyes are closed and mine are wide awake.
But still, I could never go on like.
just like, i'm begging just to see your eyes again.
I can never go on

Should i even care that you didn't even say anything
i tried to do my I should've given her better things
Like rings, and roses
You never do reply when i hint the message
i try to smell my best with a bottle of escents
Get to the point style and romance
I could never go on, i could never go on.

The way she moves, oh well i wanted her to stay awhile.
Don't go oh well
The way she moves, oh well i wanted her to stay awhile.
Don't go oh well


She's showing signs, emotion as she wipes the sleep away
i could get through this I can get through this right
you've gotta give a little, because it takes a lot to get over you
because it makes no since if your permanent if you're not feeling you right.


It's a terrible thing, To know what you want.
And to know you can't have it at all.
All i wanted was to let you know how I
it's a terrible thing, it's a terrible thing.
A terrible terrible thing.


(Thanks to James for these lyrics)

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