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The Strain lyrics


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Lyrics to The Strain on the bank of the river

stood running bear, young indian brave

on the other

side of the river

stood his lovely indian maid

little white dove

was-a her name

such a lovely

sight to see

but their tribes

fought with each other

so their love

could never be

I want to know if you can help my husband. He has this terrible dream all the time where he's running, and running, and he's not getting anywhere!

...could never be...

feel the strain and you see the stain

and you can't get back again






More gauze.

-more gauze.

More gauze.

-more gauze.

More gauze.

-more gauze.


Little more gauze.

-we don't have any more gauze.

...That's all we've got?

-Yeah... i don't know what happened, we had a small roll of clothes...

Give me a sponge.



-you have the clamp.


-you have the suture.



I love you.

-...please, please!

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