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The Pain lyrics

Lacuna Coil

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Lyrics to The Pain
I wake up to a smoking gun
The evidence in your head
There's no proof of guilt or innocence

I'm finished with you taking me through
A line of questioning that feeds you

I must confess I'm here to kill the pain
To kill the pain
What can I do?
How hard I fight
No matter how
How long I've tried

The sword of justice in my hand
You cut me down, sharp like a blade
You make me want to never trust again

I'm finished with you dragging me through
More lies and deceit that feeds you

I must confess I'm here to kill the pain
Doesn't matter, if it mattered
I would never have tried
To save us both from losing our minds
Doesn't matter
You shatter me now

I have to get away
The rain comes
The rain comes
Nothing gonna buy you time
The rain comes
The rain comes
You know its gonna come

Songwriters: Gilmore, Don / Biazzi, Marco / Ferro, Andrea Gaetano / Mozzati, Christiano / Scabbia, Cristina / Migliore, Cristiano / Zelati, Marco
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group
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