The Night Owls Lyrics

The Night Owls lyrics

Little River Band

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Lyrics to The Night Owls
There is a bar right across the street,
He's got a need he just can't beat,
Out on the floor,
He shuffles his feet away.

He'll get the girl,
Cause he looks so fine,
He's gonna win her every time,
He knows he will, he's dressed to kill,
He's a night owl.

Move on,
There's a howl of a night owl calling,
To belong, she's crying in the night,
Be strong,
Find the heart of a night owl calling,
Stay up 'til dawn,
Until the night is gone.

What will become of the restless kind?
Where do they go,
When they've done their time?
Wearing their hearts out,
On the line for all to see.

Must be the gypsy in their soul,
They have a need to rock and roll,
They always will, they're out there still,
They're the night owls.

Songwriters: GOBLE, GRAHAM
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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