The Longest Day Lyrics

The Longest Day lyrics

Born From Pain

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Lyrics to The Longest Day
Dragging on, can't tell what's mine
Life heads for a fall
No more guides, no more escapes
No faith to great to break
Bleed forever, bleed alone
Lonely roads I roam
Day of broken dreams
Is this my world?
The damage has been done
... It has been done

Damage has been done
This can't be the end
The end of an endless road
Take the dark away
The road to take myself home
Face the longest day
Face the longest...
Face the longest day

Cut my heart out, I'm thrown back in the dark
Hold my breath as words make wounds, sanity seems far
Life hits back, it's pounding in, I'm drowning in the blood
From open wounds, old and new, peace I will find none

Songwriters: THOMAS, ROB
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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