The Legions Black Spirit's Armageddon Lyrics

The Legions Black Spirit's Armageddon lyrics


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Lyrics to The Legions Black Spirit's Armageddon
(Lyrics: Daniel Pérez)

Intro: judgment day this about to receive the holocaust of Armageddon

this arriving of the hand of one legion of black spirits.

The worldly end himself this bringing near
Damned spirit are marking
The ending of the land and of all the era
Of Christianity and Christians
They will fall into the wrongdoing´s dark abyss

black spirits of Armageddon
fix the destination out of every Christian
tragic deaths and sufferings
that they go from his hand
the entire legion has raised even the land
in order to exterminate the faithful of jesuschrist
and taking them to a world of Satanism

without pity processed panniers
all the one that are marked
for the beast´s seal
six, six, six marked in his soul The Legion Of Black Spirits Of Armageddon

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