The Great Collapse Lyrics

The Great Collapse lyrics

The Zolas

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Lyrics to The Great Collapse
I dreamt about you the other night
We were there when people started to die.
The seas rose to a terrible height
but we survived, yeah we survived
(I don't know why).
We watched the grass pry open the cracks.
The birds returned, the nights went black.
Yeah, we were lovers in the great collapse.
The seasons came, the seasons passed.

So free what you love cause it's gonna die anyway.
Those golden days will be fossilized and we'll scream
"Oh, back it up, back it up" but it's not the same.
No, it's enough just to say "I knew you well."

Now I can't sleep and I can't say no.
Civilization ain't got no soul.
The tick tock ticks out of control.
I'm on a roll, I'm on a roll
(He's lost control).
And though when my dream ends
It's true we're hardly friends.
I can't forget those seasons
The world as one, the world as one.

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