The Glass Elevator (Walls) Lyrics

The Glass Elevator (Walls) lyrics

Crown The Empire

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The Glass Elevator (Walls) Video:
Lyrics to The Glass Elevator (Walls) Breakdown your walls tonight
We're here to sing for you
Tear down your walls tonight
We're here to scream for you

Cold as ice on the darkest December
Spark a flame from a small burning ember
Trapped inside of this prison made of mirrors

As I wait for that spark to ignite me
Try to break through these walls that surround me
I'm trapped inside of this prison made of mirrors

I look to the sky
But my walls keep building higher
I'm surrounded by creations, I
Need to feel alive

I look to the sky
But the answers all around me
Oh I don't know why I have to try
To take hold of my life

The worst part of all
Is I'm the one who holds the key(holds the key)
Prison of my mind
Only purpose sets me free

And I have no purpose at all
I'm floating and hoping
For something to come break my fall
I've lost my mind
I've lost it all

Now repeat after me...

I walk
I breathe
I live
A lie

(Thanks to Spencer Sharpe for these lyrics)

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