The Devil Is Real Lyrics

The Devil Is Real lyrics

The Felice Brothers

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Lyrics to The Devil Is Real Pharoah my pharaoah
Me Bonnie is dead
She's in my camaro
With a tear in her dress

Last night at the drive-in
She kicked off her heels
And said, "Boy let me know, if the devil is real"

Bonnie the birthmark
At the base of your hands
Is shaped like the gallows
And the shadow it casts
And pharoah that shadow
Is shaped like a cross
Swing Bonnie, swing, 'til you swing arms a crossed

Queens bridge, oh queens bridge
Restly queens burrough
You'd be a passage to the wide open world
And we've come a-driving
With a song in our throat
Howling our way into the greatest of shows

Pharoah my pharaoh
The devil is real
He's in my camaro
With his teeth on the wheel
In my oh my milo
Feel after feel
Skylight and silo
And the devil's real
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