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Terminal lyrics

Red Dons

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Lyrics to Terminal
How long can we hold on

Besides years what keeps us together
We play our parts but whom do we care for
We don't touch we don't even talk
And we never ever get anything that we want

Let me apologize
That day to day not a lot has changed
Nothing at all but the feeling of
Love has changed its so much different now
Different now

How long can this go on
Everyday I'm holding your telephone calls

In a mid-west town
I lay awake in the bed of a different girl
Thinking of you
Feeling no mistake
Had been made
Outside of hurting you
I hurt you

How long we're terminal

Yesterday, I wrote you a letter
Explaining how we shouldn't be together
But somehow it never got mailed

I run away
From the pain
Not like a man
But I know no better way

How long
When we're terminal

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