Tears In Rain Lyrics

Tears In Rain lyrics

Amphibious Assault

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Lyrics to Tears In Rain
"broken image of a girl"
was so right.
came together in a time when we needed one another
i'm sure you would've been there
but you weren't there in the end
so alone, i don't remember.
don't. I won't be there.
so stay with me. when/til the time comes to leave.

and watch you go
like you don't care
and watch you fall
like tears in rain.

once on top of it
but now you're lost in it
guilt cause you to feel the end
the grip squeezing all that remains
but you're the only one who's singing that same song
but I can't deny
that you're not the one..who believes..

to watch you go
like you don't care
to watch you fall
like tears in rain

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