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Taste Of Hate lyrics

Nightmare Tree

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Lyrics to Taste Of Hate
I see your face,
You fucking disgrace,

I can see you, I can see you, I can see you, I can see you.
I can see you, I can see you, I can see you, I can see you.

Feel it
Reel it
Make you
Steal it, make you feel it.
I can't feel it

You're the one who told the lies
I'm the one who's in disguise
You're the one who's in my eyes
Truth be told, fuck this life

I'm so glad that all this died
I know you, your fucking sly
It's your fault I spent my time
There's no way I'll live my life.

Take it
Fake it
You will break it
I won't let this pain be fated

Now you know I hate this life
Its much better since it died
But you persist for it to live
The hate returns I share you with.

You are fake, but so am i
Since im the one whos in disguise
Can see all the lies,
Taste of hate, fail this time.

Can I have it, you will stab it
Cos you hate it and I love it
Maybe It will fix in time
All I know, I am blind.

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