Suicidal Melancholia Lyrics

Suicidal Melancholia lyrics


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Lyrics to Suicidal Melancholia A cynical and sadistic world of traitors,
crushed my innocent hopes & dreams.
I have become an empty shell,
ready to crack and turn to dust.
The burden of living aches like a painfull disease.
I'm tired of longing, trusting and falling...
I find no further joy on life...

So what's the point in living.
When I'm already dead?

Dreams of suicide are haunting me...
Longing to just cut those fucking wrists wide open!!

And to feel the warm flow of life, slowly fade out...

I am not a masoschist,
I just want this hellish suffering to end!
To just leaver this shitty place,
Whit a bloodsmearded grin on my face!

When will this happen?
- (Hopefully?) maby never...
Can it happen?
- Absolutely... (time will tell)

[Music by Vrangsinn]
[Lyrics by Kulde November 2002]

[Kulde - vocals]
[Vrangsinn - Instruments]
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