Special Kind Of Love Lyrics

Special Kind Of Love lyrics

Dina Carroll

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Lyrics to Special Kind Of Love Remember the days that we first met
How you drove me crazy
But I always knew that we'd connect
It was meant to be
And I, I know that we've got something special
In my heart I know that we
We belong together
All the possibilities
Just as long as we're together
There is nothing that we can't do
There's no door that we can't open
As long as it's me and you 'cos

We've got a special kind of love
We've got a special kind of love

You make me happy whenever I'm blue
I can count on you
To groove me and release my frustration
And turn my bad into something good
You give love incredible, so special
Is the love we share, and we
We belong together
All the possibilities
They say nothing lasts forever
But we've got it going on
We'll hold on through stormy weather
With a love so strong 'cos


You know, you know, you know that


You make me happy......
You know you make me happy when I'm blue


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