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Solus lyrics

The Cruxshadows

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Lyrics to Solus And so it happens
My thoughts grow meaningless and forgotten
Just the colors of a faded dream
Left out in the rain to bleed
Life gets confusing
Prayers draw darkened in the course of my life
And I know that just to ask the questions
It takes courage and resolve

So you don't have to answer me if you don't want to
And you don't have to hold me close, just to calm my fears
It all becomes so meaningless, if there's no love here
A heart left to this Solus, disappears, I disappear

I disappear
Without you
I disappear

It happens to me
My doubts are climbing for a better view
Nothing I could even hide from you
You know my heart and my mind (but you still seem blind)
And then each action
What is the measure of a perfect soul?
It's something I could never really know
As I reach out hoping (you'll be there this time)

Feeling lost
Feeling forgotten
Feeling empty without you
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