Snap Out Of It Lyrics

Snap Out Of It lyrics

Arctic Monkeys

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Lyrics to Snap Out Of It What's been happenin new love?
What have you been up to?
I heard that you fell in love
I need to know
I gotta tell you the truth (yeah)

I wanna grab your shoulders and shake baby
Snap out of it (snap out of it)
I get the feeling i left her too late but baby
Snap out of it (snap out of it)
If that watch dont continue to swing
And in fact
Lady fancies having a cig
I'll been here
Waiting ever so patiently for you to
Snap. out. of .it.

Forever isnt for...Everyone
Is forever for you?
It sounds like settling down
Or giving up
But it dont sound much like you...girl


Under a spell your hypnotized (ooh)
Darling how could you be so blind (snap out of it) (x2)


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