Sitting On The Toilet Lyrics

Sitting On The Toilet lyrics

The Moaning Myrtles

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Lyrics to Sitting On The Toilet
I don't mean to be rude but sometimes I must stare
Only wish I could knot my fingers in your hair
If I tried to kiss you, your lips would go through me
There was a better line here, but it wasn't family friendly.

Oh Harry, you're lovely
But you never think of me
Oh Harry, I want you to be mine
But you're a real jerk sometimes

Cho Chang and Ginny, they come in here to whine
Those broken-hearted brats who also think that you are fine
I watch while you're smitten with every girl you see
But since I'm transparent, you can't adore me


Can't pretend I don't spy on you once in a while
Anything just to see your green eyes or your smile
But sitting on the toilet, all I can do is cry
Knowing that you'll never ever give me a try


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