Sex On The Beach Lyrics

Sex On The Beach lyrics


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Lyrics to Sex On The Beach are you ready to pary??
yehaaa hahaha
her we go!!
come on everybody and raise your drinks in the air and let's make a toast to good times and good friends.
To the clubs
To the discos
and all party
all around the world
let's a drink and party!!!
caipirhina,cuba libre,longisland,martini,
tequila boom boom(x4)
sex sex sex on the beach(x4)
oh yea!
Sex sex sex On The Beach(x4)
Let's drink it
Let's do it
oh yea!
Let's drink it
Let's do it
now the boys
Let's drink it
Let's do it
now the girls
Let's drink it
Let's do it...OK!!
Who wants another cocktail???
yeaaaaa!!!!All raight!!!
remember...more drinks
mooooooore party!!!
here we go!!
One two three go
Caipiroska,pina colada,margerita
daiquiri,gin tonic,cupito...
tequila boom boom(x4)
Sex sex sex on the beach(x4)
Come on now!
Sex sex sex on the beach(x2)
but i want another cocktail

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