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Satellite Rapiers lyrics

The Quelle Source

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Lyrics to Satellite Rapiers
I alone
Bring forth the weight of the stone
A cosmic split

Put your head somewhere else
Put your head somewhere else
Put your head somewhere else

I wait for the boredom
Though I can't afford it
I walk 'round in circles
And come home frustrated
My argument's weak
And it's buried in substance abuse
At the hands of The Firefight Crew

But the quickly eroding soapbox collapses
The Satellite Rapiers are flown at full mast
The Mechanic, he stands, gasoline on his hands, saying
"I can't rev up what's already been worn down..."

A tattooed dream of a forgotten ghost
It just sits on my brain
On its own private stoop
And one day I'll believe
Everything that I say
But I'm holding my breath
And I'm counting the days to put

My head somewhere else
Another private hell
For now it's what I know
So baby I'm coming home

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