Satan's Majestic Empire Lyrics

Satan's Majestic Empire lyrics

The Abyss

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Lyrics to Satan's Majestic Empire {to} Lucifer {I obey/I pay/obeyed}
Sons of fire will rise
Hell abducted god
From filthy lands of paradise

Don't rigorize and ...
Lands of god I s{?}ay
Sanctify my morbid life
... of {price/prize}

Dead I {born/burn} in sacrifice
I {born/burn} I'm ... is...
Bleed for me
My soul abducted
I bring on winds of hate

{Burst {from/of}} the arrival of Satan's majestic empire

Lucifer obeyed
Sons of fire will rise
Hell abducted god
{from} filthy lands of paradise

Rigorize {and} ...
Lands of god I {hate}
Sanctify my {morbid} life
Heaven {on} fire

... I ... in ...
I ...
Bleed for me
My soul aburn
My ... is sprayed

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