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Samuraj lyrics

Nino De Angelo

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Lyrics to Samuraj Samuraj
Vers 1:
Samuraj, it's too late for good-byes
Samuraj, we can make it, if we try
Samuraj, you are always on my mind
Samuraj, oh, together we can shine
Samuraj, we both against them all
We'll stay up, oh, even if we fall
Tonight, oh, I sold my heart to you
Tonight, yes, you make my dreams come true
Tonight, we can win the greatest games
Tonight, you're a fighter, that's your name
Vers 2:
Samuraj, there's a winner in you
Oh, Samuraj, don't making me blue
Samuraj, till you make it on your own
Samuraj, here's the place, where you belong
Samuraj, it's never been the same
Samuraj, you've got a brand new friend
Samuraj, you're a fighter
Samuraj's your name
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