Sam Rollerskating Backwards Lyrics

Sam Rollerskating Backwards lyrics

Make Believe

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Lyrics to Sam Rollerskating Backwards Oooooh there's gravel in the pasture near the Calumet Pallet Company
I recognize my life as an ancient archetype
I've set free in slide birthing a servant
I'm indebted to and embedded within
He's unfamiliar to me as I am to him
We two fabulous beasts of prayer and sin
Ooooooh there's nothing
Like your motor-cycle slalom through the cometary
We still walk on will more so than our feet
An intuitive atlas toward a feast
near the knuckled branches of a gnarled tree
I'm unfamiliar to him as he is to me
But a well of healing waters floats us free
But Ooooh that woman on the street corner won't stop screaming
Please please please please please please please please
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