Running For My Life Lyrics

Running For My Life lyrics

Lee Williams

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Lyrics to Running For My Life
Verse I'm running for my life
Running cause I wanna see Christ
I made up in my mind
I'm gonna run while I still got time

Chorus I'm gonna (Run) gotta (Run)
I gotta (Run) I gotta (Run)
While the blood is running warm (In My Veins)

Verse When I hear those church bells toll
I stop and I wonder Lord how long
I see the hearse wheels rolling too
Then I tell myself that could've been you

Repeat chorus

Verse When these eyes of mine are closed
And the blood in my veins gets cold

When I step out life's back door
I won't be able y'all, then I can't run no more

Repeat chorus

Vamp Gotta (Run)
Gotta (Run)
Gotta (Run)
Hills get high, but I gotta (Run)
Valleys get low, but I gotta (Run)
Steps get real slow, but I gotta (Run)
Friends are gone, but I gotta (Run)
When it looks like I can't make it (Run)
Enemies all around me, I gotta run (Run)
Ain't got nowhere to go, I steal away (Run)
Look up and tell the Lord, I'm Gonna (Run)
Run (Run) sing 11 times
Gotta (Run)
Run (Run) sing 3 times
Gotta (Run)
Run (Run)
Gotta (Run)
Run (Run)
Gotta (Run)
Run (Run) sing 11 times
While the blood is running warm (In My Viens)

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