Rest In Peace Lyrics

Rest In Peace lyrics

Mott The Hoople

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Lyrics to Rest In Peace Oh if my wheel could take another turn
And if my life replaced itself again,
I wouldn't want a single thing to change.
Oh it's been good, though it's been strange.

And if my dreams were willing to come true,
Oh I would not even try to let them through.
I'm sure there's things I've missed, that others preached.
The goals they reached, they weren't for me.

Rest in peace,
Even though the worries seem to mount,
Don't let them count.
Rest in peace.

Throw all those smiles and paper miles away.
You make willow pattern pictures through the rain.
And swallow when your heart begins to breathe,
Just like a bird, do what it please.

'Cause I ain't gonna be here all that long
And when I'm old I want to know I sung.
If there's a road ahead, I'll jump right in.
Just got to win, this is my hymn.

Rest in peace,
Even though your worries seem to mount,
Don't let them count.
Rest in peace.

Rest in peace

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