P.Y.T. (Playa Young Thugs) Lyrics

P.Y.T. (Playa Young Thugs) lyrics


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Lyrics to P.Y.T. (Playa Young Thugs)
(feat. 2Pac)


a black man, that not too many understand
pyt, playa young thug, you need some lovin tlc
I wanna get with you

It's Saturday, time to play
I gotta hit the street, I'm chillin out ok
I gotta hit the spot lookin fl
I wanna watch the O.G. thugs roll by
Find a little lovin, not too much
Just enough to wake them up
Who do I see, a fool that wanna get with me
Not in the mood, so I really dont wanna speak
a black man, that not too many understand
he has a plan, not to work for uncle sam
a hood fanatic, a hoodlum mack
in fact, the male version of a female mack
he has money and everthing that comes with it
pyt, playa young thug
Just a tiny bit of what the ghettos made of
gotta give love to the young thugs

[Chorus: x2]

look here
Now tell me whos afraid of this young Thug
look how we came up from the ghetto were we slung drugs
america eats it's babies, it's crazy
Will somebody save me from this sytematic slavery
Got me in cuffs, I'm gettin ruffed up daily
Send me to jail cause i rebel on what they tell me
My life's hell, got the law tryin to capture me
and then the courts and the whole force after me
I'm hittin fences, my defenses, it was senseless
its like the whole was against us
then they wonder why I'm cussin, bustin at the world
dont trust em, me and my homies sayin fuck em
Rollin in my 6-0 Impala, all about makin dollars
sometimes it make me wanna holla
but now its cool,and if im motivatin,baby make a move
cause uh,thugs get lonley too
and all i heard em say was...

[Chorus: x2]

a straight up menace
and if he starts then he will finish to keep his image
and i can tell,bye the way he bail, he was payed well
talkin dinner, movies and the motel
sexual, flexible, he gets freaky undercovers, so he's good to go
i only know what i see in the hood is thugs
so you know i gotta give them love

[Chorus: x2]

he got money and everthing that comes with it,pyt
just a little part of what the ghettos made of
gotta give love to the young thugs

[Chorus: x3]

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