Promises I Keep Lyrics

Promises I Keep lyrics

Cherie Call

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Lyrics to Promises I Keep If we share this road for a portion of our way
There's something I should tell you in the light of day
Before this goes too far, before I fall too deep
You need to understand about the promises I keep

Because there's strength I want and there's peace I need
In the words I say, in the things I read
From the clothes I wear to the place I choose to sleep
Everything goes back to these promises I keep

It's not that I don't care for you and want to hold you near
When the hour gets late and I say I have to go
Closer to the truth is that I'm honoring the One
Who loves us both more than we know

So you may think I'm wise, or you may think I'm strange
But my mind's made up and my heart won't change
And when the world falls down you can trust in me
Because I trust Him, and there are promises I keep

I trust in Him, and there are promises I keep
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