Pleasures Of Soho Lyrics

Pleasures Of Soho lyrics

Soho Dolls

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Lyrics to Pleasures Of Soho I'm so happy it hurts
I'm so happy you smile
I'm so happy you flirt
And for this I'd crawl one mile

Grant me this final wish
I wanna put you in a trance
I wanna be your poisoned dish
All sick senses enhanced

Give me your attention
I'll show you all the pleasures of Soho
Give me your worst intentions
And I'll show you all the pleasures of Soho
I'll show you all the pleasures of Soho

I know a private club
And they'll delight with your type
We are all titled M.U.D
And you can fright who you like

You're a strange one, crazed one, fazed one, little boy
With nothing at all to do at night
Well as for me I'm the outsider
Let's paint the walls black tonight

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