Parties For Prostitutes Lyrics

Parties For Prostitutes lyrics

Brody Dalle

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Lyrics to Parties For Prostitutes Do what you must
Blow off the dust
All these shackles and chains
And growing pains

So many lives
Secrets and lies
In minutes and hours
Memories devoured

One look in your eyes
Sound in your voice
Speaking to me
A sequel to me

Across the ocean
A thousand seas
Cannot disguise
Your unfaithful key

Picked a lock and it wasn't me
Picked a lock and it wasn't me

Look what you've done
The cowardly run
No holy water
Can wash away aura

Or the loose lips to sink our ship
Or the loose lips to sink our ship

You blew out the candle
On someone's cake
Happy birthday
Disgraceful mistake

I'll throw you a party
Invite top dog
I'll pay top dollar
So you can play whores

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