Oh No, I Like My Sister Lyrics

Barry Louis Polisar

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Lyrics to Oh No, I Like My Sister
Oh No, I Like My Sister Video:
Oh No, I like my sister.
Oh No! guess you can say I've missed her.
Oh My what am I to do?
I never thought I liked her, what about you?

We were always arguing, she was such a pest,
Always interfering with my happiness.
But now she's gone to Canberra, what am I to do?
I hope she don't get eaten by a kangaroo.

We would always bicker, we would always fight.
She always called me wrong when I knew that I was right.
She'd steal my cookies, she'd grab my cake
I'd say the day that she was born, Mom made a mistake

I hope that she comes home soon, safe and soon.
I promise I won't ever hold her upside down.
Now that she is gone, there's no one I can tease?
I hope she don't come back with some weird disease
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