Oh, Oh, Oh Trouble Lyrics

Oh, Oh, Oh Trouble lyrics

An Angle

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Lyrics to Oh, Oh, Oh Trouble Well I press on this pen like its talkin to me
As I'm getting rich on something that bounds the soul
Oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh

As I'm diving in the ocean, Get my bones moving
Swimming away from something I hate the most
Oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh

But on land I left you a map
With a letter thats written on it
I said meet me at this address
And I promise you girl I won't let you go
Oh oh oh, Oh oh, Oh oh oh

Well you look so cute when you're talking to me
As I really think I finally found a friend
And I'll give her my word for what it's worth
I'll travel over this hill and through this mind of mine

And if you cry alot, It's gonna be alright
Because honey I think that this could be love
And all the good in our hearts,
Is all the pain that we share when we part
Oh oh oh, Oh oh, Oh oh oh

Yeah I feel so out of rope for the very first time in my life(?)
Yeah, I was gonna be some boss but my love (missing parts)

I'm that guy you're talkin to on the side of your bed
Why are you lookin up when there's nothing at all
Well don't you wake up, Don't you die, Yeah
Oh oh oh, Oh oh, Oh oh oh

Well I'm trouble
Yes I'm trouble
Cus i'm trouble
Yes I'm trouble

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