Night Feelings Lyrics

Night Feelings lyrics

Man Overboard

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Lyrics to Night Feelings He see's them both everyday now. He watched the story unfold.
In the grass underneath the trees, inside a red SUV,
two silhouettes and no second guessing.
“Is someone tryna to test me?” he thought to himself.
“Once upon a time I was an innocent little kid and I
felt like I knew everything, now everything's against me.”
Just raise your guard and say “keep your heart”.
You can't get burned if you put out the spark.
I feel I just cant win, let myself down again.
Those five weeks felt like forever.
He waited this whole time to see her again.
Of course wouldn't you know (this happened two summers ago),
she showed up with her cool new boyfriend…
It's starting to annoy him. He thought to himself…
I can't win… I can't win… You need your space again,
It's not the right time or place again,
you lied right to my face again in your basement, we were wasted.
I always try to talk at the worst times,
you dated many boys, I'm the worst kind.
Every word I write it the worst line
so if I hurt her feelings, she hurt mine.
Raise your guard, safekeep your heart.
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