New Amphetamine Shriek Lyrics

New Amphetamine Shriek lyrics

The Fugs

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Lyrics to New Amphetamine Shriek
I don't have a bedtime,
I don't need to cum,
For I have become an amphetamine bum.

If you don't like sleeping and don't want to screw,
Then you should take lots of amphetamine too!

Gabba gabba gabba gabba
Gabba gabba gabba gabba
Phet phet phet -amine

I'm always excited, I just love to walk!
My jaws keep on moving and churning out talk.
I love to draw pictures in layers and layers,
and say the words backwards, when I say my prayers!


These stimulant games can make life so sweet.
I can walk down streets without moving my feet.
My brain works so fleet, I can outwit the heat.
And I never feel beat, and I don't need to eat!


There's nine bouncing people, in one little room.
The vectors are threading eternity's loom.
It's not bad for brain cells, the doctors proclaim.
It's almost as safe as that good old cocaine!

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