Neverending Summer Lyrics

Neverending Summer lyrics


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Lyrics to Neverending Summer Every single step I take
Seems to go the other way
From the one that I'd intended
Thought this lunacy had ended
And the seasons never change
They just always stay the same
Like a band with just a drummer
I'm in neverending summer

And I'm alone now,
I'm alone now

In the city where I'm from
All the people think I'm dumb
They say \"don't be such a fool,
Just get a job and go to school\"
But I ignored what they all said
And I packed my bags instead
Traveled to a brand new state
Where I relied on only fate

And I'm alone now,
I'm alone now
I'm alone now
I'm alone now

And I am searching for a certain see
That I can never find
All the dreams and aspirations
That are swimming in my mind
And if I get too close to finding out What I intend to say
The ideas that I once had
Always seemed to slip away

And I'm alone now,
I'm alone now
I'm alone now
I'm alone now

(Thanks to StraySnowWolf for these lyrics)

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