Mule Skinner Blues Lyrics

Mule Skinner Blues lyrics

The Fendermen

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Lyrics to Mule Skinner Blues
Good mornin' capitan

Good mornin' to you

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Do you need another mule skinner

down on your new mud run?

ha ha haha ha ha ha ha

hey hey hey heeeeeeeeeeee he hee

hee he he hee heee heeeee

he hee he he hee heee hee he he heee hee heeeee

Well im an old mule skinner [yeah you are]

well im from old kentuky

and i can make any mule listen

or i wont except your pay he heee

hey heyy hey hey hey heee

hey hey hey heeeeeeeeeeeeeee he hee

heee he hee hee heeeeee

hee he he he he he he he he he he he he he he


well hey [hey!]

little water boy [wheres that water boy, man?]

bring the bu-bu-bucket down


haa haa ha haa haa haa

and if you dont like your job

then put that bucket down

hee heee hey hey hey hey heyy hey heyy


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