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More, More, More lyrics

Joann Rosario

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Lyrics to More, More, More Chorus
I need more, more, more
Jesus more of You
I need so much more
Jesus more, more, more

Verse I
When I have been all used up
Fill me like an empty cup
And when it seems I have had enough
I still need more, more, more
The hunger inside of me
My spirit and soul agree
I've tasted and now I see
I need more of You


Verse II
When I'm in the desert place
Or dry as an empty vase
Fill me up 'till it's to the top
I'll still need more, more, more
Like numbers go to infinity
Or an endless eternity
Like the universe just goes on and on
I need more of you

Spanish Chorus
Quiero mas, mas, mas
Christo mas de Ti
Quiero mas, mas, mas
Christo mas de Ti

Repeat Chorus

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