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Mental Radio lyrics

Wishbone Ash

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Lyrics to Mental Radio
Four ways to the language that seems to confuse me,
I refuse to work inside that cell any more.
I can't see any reason for you to doubt it -
Certain needs of life answer to your call.

Our love is stronger,
Our love is stronger.
I'm waitin' for our love to show,
I'm waitin' for our love to grow.
Waitin' for our love to show,
Waitin' for our love to grow.

Cynics must have their own little reward -
Information shared, heavy as trust.
Wise men have always been our installed radar.
I can take some destined caress for us.


People tryin' to guide us into an old scene,
Emotional mortgages at every door.
Searchin' for the joy of every day life -
Is there another future we're tryin' for?


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